Why re-posting old content may be keeping your readers from coming back

When it comes to the content that represents your biz and brand, there are readers who’ve read every blog post, article or e-book you’ve ever written; listened to every podcast you’ve ever produced; and watched every video you’ve ever recorded.

These are the readers who’ve grown to know you and love you! These are the readers most likely to share your work with their networks, sing your praises, and buy what your have to offer.

You want to keep them happy. You want to give them something to look forward to. You want to keep them coming back.

How do you do this?

By creating fresh, new (and useful) content.

Simply sharing old material can hurt you in the long run.

Doing so can:

  • stop new readers from returning,
  • turn loyal readers away, and
  • keep potential readers (and possible clients) from finding you in the first place.

None of that is good for building connections, trust or profits.

Now, is it cool to republish some of your content, occasionally? Yes! It’s a great way to get older material in front of newer readers.

But for those who return again and again to your site; open your newsletter each time a new issue hits; or buy every book you put out–they desire something more.

They want another chance to connect with you, to relate with you…

They want to hear what you have to say about the latest hot topic…

They want to learn something more about the way you think or approach a problem similar to their own…

Fresh and consistent content on your site and social media channels allow you to further build relationships and your credibility with readers, which can translate into increased sales.

Again, reposting content some of the time is OK–in moderation. But do it too often, your loyal readers may lose interest and stop coming around and buying from you altogether.

How often do you share old content with your readers? Do you have a content marketing plan to ensure you have the ideas, time, and skills to produce regular content?


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